Meet the Dames

Becca - New videos every Monday

About coming soon.

Holly-Rae - New videos every Tuesday

Holly-Rae is a scattershot activist living in Cambridge, fitting bras for a living and filling her time with demos, workshops, crafting and museum visits. Once upon a time ago she did a degree in Sociology. Talk to her about bras, animals, Marxist or anarcha feminism, welfare and class politics, comics, tabletop RPGs, British Sign Language, archaeology, riot grrrl and punk music, DIY and crafting, lists, tea, tattoos and sexuality.

Subi - New videos every Wednesday

About coming soon.

Jenn - New videos every Thursday

Jenn got into feminism when she was old enough to understand what it meant, and since then has trodden a fine line between constant simmering rage and sunny optimism. When she’s not vlogging for Team Pesky Dame she’s studying for her BA in Politics & International Relations. There’s a little room for friends and beer there, too. Read her solo tumblr here.

Emily - New videos every Friday

Emily likes spreading her rampant feminism across the country and also art, cats, smashing down binaries. Emily is currently studying for a BA in Art History and is the Campaigns Officer for her Uni Womens Committee. 

India - Videos and Behind the Scenes

Hi there, my name’s India Rose and I was Those Pesky Dames first Wednesday vlogger. Now I’m mostly involved behind the scenes, although sometimes I might be front of the camera too for the occasional guest vlog. I’ve been an active feminist for two years now and get up to lots of interesting things. Recently I went on an Anti Miss World protest, which was great fun and also got recognition towards the cause in all the main broadsheets as well as Sky News and the BBC. I also volunteer for the Domestic Violence Intervention Project, which is an amazing organisation. If you have any questions I’m always very happy to answer them.

Clare - Behind the scenes

Older sister (and video editor) to Jenn, this camera-shy Dame provides artwork, cheerleading, tea making and the occasional blog post. She is currently studying for a Masters Degree and enjoys procrastination in the form of painting, cooking, running and tunelessly strumming her ukulele.