12.03.2012 - Weekly Links Round Up

Government hits back in gay marriage debate Church told not to ‘polarise’ gay marriage debate (The Independent)
Ministers tell church not to make discussion a battle between gay rights and religion.

Rainbow Nations: Gay marriage around the world (The Independent)
The Government is obfuscating over same-sex unions, but in many countries – including staunchly Catholic ones – it’s already legal.

On Passing, Over Compensating and Disability (Journeys with Autism)
What I want to address, from a different perspective, is the idea that anyone who “passes” as non-autistic for some portion of their lives (and by “passing” I mean “acting in a way that doesn’t look like someone else’s autism stereotype”) can’t possibly be autistic.

Heart disease drug ‘combats racism’ (The Telegraph)
A common heart disease drug may have the unusual side-effect of combating racism, a new study suggests.

The model agencies say one of these girls is the proper shape and the other is too fat. Are they right? (The Independent)
A concave chest, pin-thin arms, and jutting hip bones can propel a teenager to catwalk stardom - or straight into hospital with a feeding tube down her nose. Model agencies are once again in the dock amid claims that an eating disorder is an advantage for young girls hungry for the fame and fortune that life as a clothes horse can bring.

Anonymous hacker planned to publish details of women who had abortions (The Guardian)
Court hears James Jeffery stole 10,000 database records of women registered with Britain’s biggest abortion provider BPAS.

Kony 2012: Invisible Children and Visible Racism (Trinicenter)
A critical analysis of the Kony 2012 phenomena.

Without consent: the truth about forced marriage
When Abbas Rizvi’s girlfriend phoned from Pakistan, she told him: ‘I’m in trouble.’ Catherine Deveney hears the harrowing stories of young women coerced and bullied into matrimony – and asks whether plans to criminalise ‘forced marriage’ will help.

Terence Blacker: Wolf-whistles aren’t matters for the courts (The Independent)
Making relatively trivial acts into crimes puts women in the role of victims.

Wolf-whistling is just the start – harassment is not harmless (The Guardian)
There is no reason sexual harassment in the street should be any more permissible than racist language.

International Women’s Day Links

International Women’s Day highlights hurdles obstructing equality
Domestic violence against women, pay inequality and abortion rights among issues raised.

International Women’s Day in tweets
Hundreds of tweets from women all over the world show why feminism is still important. Here are some of them…

An open letter to men and boys on International Women’s Day
Sadly, we have to confront the fact that Rush Limbaugh is no aberration. It’s up to us men to challenge men’s abuse of women