Strong Female Characters

Daniella talks about strong female characters/feminist characters in film and TV and how the Disney Princesses fit into this role

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Weekly Links Round Up

Cancer’s not pink (The Guardian)
Women are rebelling against the fluffy imagery surrounding breast cancer.

Judge says Oklahoma cannot force abortion patients to view ultrasound (The Guardian)
Lawsuit challenging abortion policy successfully argued the measure required doctors to perform unnecessary services

Time to lay responsibility at the rapist’s door (The Guardian)
A government campaign that shifts the focus of rape prevention from ‘vulnerable’ young women on to the perpetrators is welcome

Myths about rape conviction rates are putting people off going to the police (The Guardian)
Media reports about rape do injustice to our legal system – it has improved and offers more protection than often thought

Hindu Girls Targeted in Coerced Conversions (IPS)
Bharti, a 15-year-old Hindu girl living in the Lyari area in Karachi, left home for her sewing class last December, never to return. Three days later, her father Narain Das was told she had converted to Islam.

Why Native American Women Are Battling for Plan B (Colorlines)
Native American women are three and a half times more likely to be raped in their lifetimes than those of other ethnicities. While some progress has been made since the groundbreaking Tribal Law and Order Act passed in 2010, a new report finds that they’re still fighting. This time it’s for the basic post-assault healthcare.

The Plight of Transnational Women and How You Can Help Them (Colourlines)
Monica Novoa speaks with Leilani Montes, a transnational mujer who celebrates and weaves the roles of organizer and advocate across her professional, activist and personal life.

Snow White’s Strange Cinematic History (The Atlantic)
Mirror Mirror is the latest telling of a tale that’s inspired the most influential animated film of all time, a deeply racist kids’ show, and scores of other adaptations.

Odd Blood: Serodiscordancy, or, Life With an HIV-Positive Partner (The Atlantic)
The pills are $2,000 every month. The doctor visits never end. And there’s always the possibility the virus could spread. Otherwise, it’s not so different.

Adrienne Rich, 1929-2012: A Poet of Unswerving Vision at the Forefront of Feminism (NY Times)
Adrienne Rich, a poet of towering reputation and towering rage, whose work — distinguished by an unswerving progressive vision and a dazzling, empathic ferocity — brought the oppression of women and lesbians to the forefront of poetic discourse and kept it there for nearly a half-century, died on Tuesday at her home in Santa Cruz, Calif. She was 82.

AIDS ‘could be eliminated in our lifetime’(AlJazeera)
HIV treatment as prevention strategy considered a “game changer” but lack of funding prevents implementation.

Rights group criticises Afghan ‘moral crimes’ (AlJazerra)
Report calls for release of 400 women and girls prosecuted and jailed for ‘running away’ in Afghanistan.